Dave's Adobe Swag garnered over the years. Actually it was a study in some image techniques and slicing in Image ready and Photoshop. I like it. Went pretty smoothly.
Christine's Fake Hex action
Right click and save as or shift-click (for ns or mozilla) to download. Some browsers like to add an ".html" extention. Make sure it saves as "fakehex.atn". Then load into the actions palette in PS to run.

The box to the right of the palette is FTC's toolbar (like photoshops). Any tool can be added or removed to the tools section of the palette. Also any menu item can be added or removed to the menu section by opening the menu, holding the shift key then click dragging the menu item to the custom palette. Not too shabby.

This is in refrence to the PS Feature Request discussion: Toolbar with actions AND a customizable tool palette
If you think this is a good idea for an addition to photoshop, please post your opinion!

Test to see if the same file saved at 72ppi vs. 300ppi makes any difference when viewed on the web. To view images click here.

Fix Grainies test Before and after:
Before   After

First I ran autolevels. Then I tried "Deke's destroy jpg artifacts" technique, see below. That did a good job of brightening it up but I still had some grainies. So I used the magic wand and selected the darkest black area I could find (which wound up selecting most of the pix) then ran a gaussian blur at 4.7 pixels. The final result is pretty good. Especially considering the picture wasn't that good to begin with. Oh, yea, of course I'm wearing my Jets jacket! :)

Deke McClelland's destroy jpg artifacts tutorial.
Now at the Apple site. Removed from my site
This simple pic turned into a study of some of the things you can do with the radial blur due to a question on the forum... I like the affect. I took the original pic. and quick masked the kids and the pumpkins, creating new layers for each, feathering the copy a bit. Then dup'd the original pic and added a radial blur, maxed out to zoom. I also added a hard light layer filled with 50% gray with a lens flare in there for some effect. Order of the layers from top to bottom is Pumkins, Lens Flare, Kids, Blurred, Original. I'm sure it could be way better, but I was trying to prove something quickly and I learned a new technique in the process! How cool is that?!!
Happy Halloween 2002
Snow Applet Test

Dave's PS7 First Impression:

Pen Tool Test

Removed beard from one friend added to another using mostly clone and healing brush...300k.
Beard removal Test
Here is the (in)famous Reset Settings Dialog box (from PS 7)!

If you hit the keys CRTL-ALT-SHIFT as soon as you click to start Photoshop, during the splash screen, you should see this box and answer yes to reset your prefrences/settings. If you DON'T see this box, you missed it and must exit photoshop and try again. REPEAT: IF YOU DON'T SEE THIS BOX, YOU DIDN'T RESET YOUR PREFRENCES!!!
In Netscape Shift-Click on the link below and select save from the box.
In IE... Right click on the link below and select Save Target As... from the menu.

Caution: IE will want to save it as RemoveShadows.htm - make sure you change the extention to atn in the "Save As..." dialog box!
Remove Shadows Action

Again, make sure when you save the file, the extention is .atn, IE likes to mangle it!

Mask & 3 Adjustment Layers in action file:

An Old, Awesome Adobe Tutorial For Removing Shadows
Coming Out Of The Shadows

This tutorial demonstrates how to remove shadows in Adobe's PhotoShop 6 (and up). I turned it into the action above. It was originally found on Adobe's web site. I was lucky enough to save it. Now it's gone. I put it up here on the promptings of other PS users on the Adobe Photoshop User to user forums.

The only links that work are Intro, steps 1, 2 and 3 and Final. Because my goal when saving was just to get this awesome tutorial, not to recreate thier website. So if you get a page not found error clicking on a link, hit back in your browser.

If anyone from Adobe has a problem with this being here, let me know and I'll take it down immediately. Send a mail to aikodude@yahoo.com. I'm also dave milbut on the Adobe Photoshop Windows User-To-User forums.

Remove shadows tutorial

Planet made with the Render> 3d filter in photoshop. Starfield with add noise, lens flare with Mathias' Lens flare on a blank layer tip.
planet test


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