Mommy's Knots - Thanks Liz!

Here is the Knot recipe.  I am pretty sure that I got this one from Aunt Lucy:

1 cup sugar
1/2 lb (2sticks)butter
8 ozcream cheese
5 cupsflour
5 tspbaking powder (HINT: Don't use baking soda! They'll explode! - Just kidding!!!)
1 tspAnisette flavoring (Liz uses Vanilla instead, also lemon, coconut or anything else you want!)
Someconfectioners sugar (for icing)


Put this icing on all or only some cookies. The knots are good with or without icing and toppings!
Mix confectionary sugar with flaving (vanilla, lemon, anisette - make several types if you're making alot, like for a holiday!) and dip cookie tops. (Dave notes: Add jimmies (the little hard, round kind, not the longer softish kind :) ) or any other cutesey-wootsey sparkley topping you want! Have fun!)
If you don't know what jimmies are... you're not related! Tough!