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Wake up New Jersey!
Citizens Against Tolls Sign this online petition to end tolls on the Garden State Parkway! DO IT NOW FOOL!
Are you Unforgiven Too?
Or are you Black?

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Version: 3.12
GCS/CM/MU/O/AT d-- s: a? C++ UB++>+++
P+  W++ N++ K? w---(+++$) O++ M- V(--)
PS+++(--)(---) PE(++) Y+ PGP t+(++) 5- X+ 
R+(*) tv+(-) b++>+++ DI++(+++)(++++) 
D++(---) G>++ e+>++(*) h----(--)(+) r+++ 

Announcing: As of 02/08/2000:
"The next "Wheel of Time" novel by Robert Jordan will be called Winter's Heart, and we tentatively plan to publish it in Fall 2000." - Copyright Tor SF & Fantasy

Suravye ninto manshima taishite!
Peace Favor Your Sword.

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