Here are some of the family's recipes.

Welcome Milbuts, Zeganses, Vassales, Byrneses, Devines, Salamones, Pearsons, Pawliks, Sissiskeses, Proudfoots, Bagginses and who did I miss? Anyone? Beuhler? Anyone seen Beuhler?

Here we go! It's been a long time coming. Let's try to get all the best stuff together here! Don't forget to look at the Want List at the bottom of the page to see what recipes are needed!

And don't be shy about telling me about changes/additions to any of the recipes. I'll add them to each page with a note about the modifications.

Send more recipes or additions to the "Want List" to Dave.

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The Recipes

Grammie's Gravy
Mommy's Meatballs
Gail's Dirt Dessert
Dave's Chicken Lemonaise
Gail's Coors Light Chili
Gail's / Mary Alice's Chicken Scallopini
Mom's Artichokes
Lizzie Vassale's Manacotti
Mom's Spaghetti Pie
Gail's Mom's (Pam's) American Chop Suey
Mommy's Chicken wit da Lemon

Soon to add:

Pam's American Chopped Suey
Gail's Stuffed Peppers
Andy Dip
Dad's Chicken with the peas. Mom's Chicken Pot Pie (with the dough!)
Mom's Pasta Fag Gioli <--- next time I look at a menu I'll correct that

The Wanted List

Dad's Chicken Murphy!!!
Linda's corn, um... stuff :)
Larry's Goulash
Pam's succotash
Bev's Kilbasa & Saurkraut